The Group is subject to health and safety (“H&S”) requirements of Russian legislation and international regulations related to Group’s activities. The Group has established H&S procedures at its facilities which are overseen centrally by the Group’s management.

Safety – Track record

  Light injury Serious Injury Lethal Case Total
2010       0
2011       0
2012 3     3
2013 1     1
2014     1
2015   1   1
2016   1   1
2017 3     3
Total 7 2 1 10

Employees attend various H&S training courses, including environmental safety and dangerous wastes, fire protection, accident protection and mining works safety and industrial safety and certification.

The Company continues to invest in employee H&S training and development aimed at detecting and preventing dangerous and hazardous activities at workplaces.The Group monitors and updates its health and safety policy.

Annual Number of Personnel undertaking training and development


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