The Group’s management considers its employees to be one of the most important assets of the organization.

We are proud to say that we are one of the largest employers in Kamchatka, Russia and make significant contribution to the economy of the region. 

At 31 December 2016 TSG's subsidiary ZAO Trevozhnoye Zarevo (“TZ”) employed 662 staff.

Job creation and local content within our supply chains represents a significant economic impact to the local and national economies. Generating further local employment and local content opportunities will remain a priority focus area for TSG.


Group Average No. of Employees

Our Values & Behaviours

We have a set of values and supporting behaviours required to achieve our strategic objectives and guide how we work together every day.

SAFETY - Think before we act, every job, every day

EXCELLENCE - We take pride in our work, deliver our best and always strive to improve

ACCOUNTABILITY - If it is my responsibility, I own it - good or bad

RESPECT - We trust each other, act honestly and consider each other's opinions




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