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Glossary of Mining Terms: A-D


Horizontal passage to access mineralization, usually in the side of a hill
Chemical symbol for silver
A variety of volcanic rock
Value of a given element that is deemed to be above the background or normal value
Arsenic-iron sulphide mineral
The analysis of minerals, rocks and mine products to determine and quantify their constituent parts
Chemical symbol for gold
Material placed into stopes to support the hangingwall following extraction of ore
Bacterial oxidation
Oxidation of sulphide ore using bacteria in order to make the ore amenable to leaching
Ball Mill
Mineral processing equipment containing steel balls used to reduce the particle size of the ore
A term commonly used to refer to studies that are intended to be sufficiently advanced to secure debt finance
Individual levels in the extraction of an open-pit which often remain as steps in the walls of the pit
Rock composed of angular fragments
Bulk Sample
A large volume sample commonly taken for metallurgical testing or trial mining purposes
Carbon in Column (CIC)
Process for the extraction of gold from the leach solution in a series of columns
Carbon in Leach (CIL)
Process in which carbon is added to the solution following leaching in order to extract gold
Carbon in Pulp (CIP)
Process in which carbon is added to the ore pulp during leaching in order to extract the gold
Relating to rocks rich in calcium and/or magnesium
Channel sample
A means of taking a sample from a rock face by collecting the cuttings from a small channel
Copper-iron sulphide mineral
Country rock
A term used to describe the rocks surrounding an ore body
A horizontal underground drive developed perpendicular to the strike direction of the stratigraphy (orebody)
Crown Pillar
A pillar of ore left for safety and stability reasons between the base of the open-pit and the first level of underground mining and strategically between levels for support
Chemical symbol for copper
Cut and fill
A mining method where the void resulting from mining the ore is filled with material in order to stabilise the roof and walls enabling extraction of nearby ore
Process in which the precious metals are extracted from the processed ore by leaching with a cyanide solution
Mineral processing equipment used to separate milled ore into different size fractions
An anomalous occurrence of a specific mineral or minerals within the Earth's crust
Diamond Drilling
A drilling method which obtains a cylindrical core of rock by drilling with an annular bit set with diamonds
An intrusive igneous rock with a mixture of dark and light minerals
Incorporation of low grade or waste material into the mined ore as a function of the mining process
Inclination of a geological feature/rock from the horizontal (perpendicular to strike)
Fine grained material scattered quite evenly throughout the rock
Unrefined gold, usually in bar form and consisting primarily of gold with smaller amounts of other previous and base metal, which will be further refined to high purity gold bullion
Draw Points
Access into stopes from which broken ore is removed
An underground passage for exploration, development or working of an ore body