Trans-Siberian Gold plc
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Delayed Trades

closed on 18-Oct-17

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Detailed Trades Information
Trade timePriceVolumeAssumed
16:00 (17/10)37.30p5000?p40.00p
15:39 (17/10)37.10p7930?p40.00p
11:03 (17/10)37.00p3500?pp
10:50 (17/10)37.85p7927?pp
15:10 (16/10)37.85p728?pp
16:23 (12/10)37.51p2264sale37.00p40.00p
16:04 (12/10)40.00p16000purchase39.00p40.00p
15:47 (12/10)39.50p7499?39.00p40.00p
14:28 (12/10)41.19p1129purchase39.00p42.00p
11:18 (12/10)39.50p7500sale39.00p42.00p
11:15 (12/10)41.19p1247purchase39.00p42.00p
09:17 (12/10)41.50p28898purchase39.00p42.00p
09:15 (12/10)39.50p30000sale39.00p42.00p
08:18 (12/10)41.50p1652purchase39.00p42.00p
08:09 (12/10)41.01p1500?pp
08:06 (12/10)41.00p2691?pp

Assumed Purchase / Sale = is judged on the basis of the trade price in relation to the mid-price at the time the trade is published, e.g. if the trade price is greater than the mid-price, a purchase is assumed. Large trades can be subject to a delay in publication which may result in an unreliable interpretation.


15 minute delayed share price provided by vwd group