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Trans-Siberian Gold recognises that sound environmental management is integral to the successful operation of its projects in Russia. The company aims to minimise impact to its project and mining areas by operating in an environmentally responsible manner and monitoring and auditing activities in line with the company's environmental programme. It is also the company's intention to comply with applicable Russian and international environmental laws, regulations and standards.

Environment, Health & Safety, & Community Policy

Trans-Siberian Gold believes that the maintenance of high standards of environmental management and health & safety within the workplace is a key component for the long-term success of our operations.

We are committed to providing an economic return for our shareholders and to playing a meaningful role in the provision of sustainable social and economic benefits to our employees and to the local and indigenous communities where we operate.

We understand that we will be operating in environmentally sensitive regions. We acknowledge the responsibilities that this means for the company and its employees and the obligation to operate in an environmentally sensitive way, particularly with regard to the prevention of pollution and maintenance of biodiversity around our sites.

We are committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

We will strive to ensure that environmental, health, safety and community considerations are properly taken into account in decisions we make in respect of the design, operation and eventual decommissioning of our sites. We will also plan to ensure that adequate financial resources are available to meet our obligations in these areas. We will seek at all times to engage openly and positively with our employees and the wider community on these issues.

We operate on the basis of compliance with the laws of the jurisdictions where we do business. Additionally our intent is to work towards good international practice in the management of environmental, health & safety, social and cultural issues where we consider that this will assist us in meeting the objectives that will form an integral part of our management approach.

We will ensure that our policy is implemented in practice through the development of a comprehensive Environmental, Health, Safety and Community Management System. We acknowledge that, for some of our employees, the implementation of this policy will be a new experience. Accordingly, we will place particular emphasis on seeking the constructive engagement of all our employees in the development of our Environmental, Health, Safety and Community Management System and we will see that training in these areas is available to employees.

Finally, we are committed to a programme of constructive critical review of our performance and to the continuous improvement of our Environmental, Health, Safety, and Community Management System.

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